10 > 15 February 2009
STUK arts centre Leuven

An exhibition, performances and concerts by artists with different backgrounds meet at the Artefact festival for media art.

Behind the Image | The Image behind (on covering and uncovering media) presents work that investigates what’s hidden or invisible behind images. The technological and ideological/political dimensions are often strongly connected. A medium or technology can both cover and reveal by using the very same mechanisms, but images inevitably show and hide at the same time.

In the STUK pavilion space special attention is paid to transitional texts and images, mutating codes and messages or images hidden in other images.

We often feel the urge to modify somebody else’s images, place them in a different context. We interpret or reinterpret, manipulate or destroy them.

An image, as such, is never finished or absolute. It is always changing...

Artefact is initiated by provincie Vlaams-Brabant
and STUK arts centre