... presents work of artists that try to capture, record or reconstruct a certain moment, a space or an emotion. They look into the relations and differences between human, machine or digital memories; between a personal and a collective memory.

Installations, performances and concerts of artists with very different backgrounds are presented side by side. There are several threads running through the program and the exhibition. A part of the selected works originates from objective and subjective data collected by artists during their travels. They give places and experiences a new spatiality, open for visitors to scan and explore themselves.

Other works and performances analyze the power of media when it comes to the representation of history and how we remember it. The main focus lies on the impact on our perception of the world, of small and big events. Artists deconstruct the very nature of television, internet, film, and the cinematographic image. They investigate the moment or the space that demarcates the boundary between an event and its representation.