Them is a film registration of an experiment for which Żmijewski convinces representatives of four social groups actively present in the public life of contemporary Poland to gather together in a seven-day workshop to negotiate their disparate, if not opposing, beliefs and political convictions. Each of these factions has secured a reputation as an ideologically uncompromising political group.

Members of the neo-nationalist Union of Polish Youth, elderly women representing fundamentalist Catholics, Jewish youth, and left-wing activists of a younger generation each formulate their respective positions through the creation of an insignia, painting symbols of their ideologies on a large sheet of paper. They agree to react to each other's creations and the initial comments and critiques soon turn into physical interventions, leading participants to alter the work of one another by overpainting, cutting, and burning it. These actions escalate gradually, but with a sense of inevitability, into an open confrontation.