The Sound of Silence is a sculpture-and-film installation that addresses difficult questions about the human response to the suffering of others, the responsibilities of the witness, and the ownership of images that serve as witness in the media. At once a moving elegy and instigator, The Sound of Silence is a powerful testimony in Jaar's longstanding examination of political injustices and the limitations of their representation through imagery.

An enclosed aluminum structure that compels the viewer to enter, The Sound of Silence physically engages to boldly deliver its message. A light at the door signals when people are permitted to enter the space, alternating between red and green. Once inside the structure, an 8-minute film presents the viewer with a silent narrative that slowly unfolds a somber and devastating real-life story. With The Sound of Silence Alfredo Jaar uses remarkable force, grace, and economy to highlight a complex set of ethical and personal questions about the act of looking and the responsibilities that follow.