Wed 10 Feb 16 . 20:00

A large number of artists whose work is presented in Up in the Air, will be present during the opening days of the exhibition and festival.

Thu 11 Feb 16 . 19:00

In pre-modern and modern art, the wind and the breath have been figuratively represented and designated strong emotions.

Thu 11 Feb 16 . 19:30

Clouds are often seen as metaphor of the possible: something we look from afar by scrutinizing the horizon, and on which we project our imagination being among them. But what if the clouds were among us?

Thu 11 Feb 16 . 19:00 - 21:15

An evening with lectures and performances on the theme of Artefact: Up in the Air. 

Below is a short introduction of every activity, click on the title for extra info. 

Tue 16 Feb 16 . 20:00

Wind energy is permanently available. However, not every location is suitable for wind turbines. Supporters and opponents have each their own arguments. In this wind parliament we bring experts from various angles together to debate about the future of wind power in our region.

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Wed 17 Feb 16 . 20:00

In the context of MusicMakers Hacklab (more info below) we invite professor Tine Baelmans for a lecture about the connection between aerodynamics and sound.

artefact • sound • music • lecture
Wed 17 Feb 16 . 19:30

The military uses drones in conflict situations, the government to watch us. Brokers and film industry look into their potential to shoot nice images, and farmers deploy them to scout for crop diseases.

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