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Artefact is a themed exhibition and festival on contemporary visual arts, current events and societal challenges. In 2017, Artefact revolves around The Act of Magic. What does magic mean today? Which role does it play as a social phenomenon? How is it used as a metaphor? And how do contemporary artists tackle the subject? From poetry to strategy, from magical object to obscure systems, from benign distraction to manipulation: the artists in The Act of Magic investigate what enchants us today.  

With work by: Troika (D, D, F), Verena Friedrich (D), Jens Brand (D), Eric Arnal-Burtschy (FR), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), Suzanne Treister (UK), Center for Tactical Magic (US), Shana Moulton (US), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Tim Etchells (UK), Jonathan Allen (UK), Hollington & Kyprianou (UK), Liz Magic Laser (US), Goldin+Senneby (SE), Femke Herregraven (NL), Tobias Revell (UK), (FR), and BCL (AT/JP)

Karen Verschooren (STUK) & Ils Huygens (Z33)

Artefact is an initiative of the Province Vlaams-Brabant i.c.w. Stad Leuven, and is  supported by KU Leuven, Culture Office and the Group Science & Technology in the context of the policy guideline ‘art and science’.