Due to family circumstances, tonight's concert is cancelled. 
Tickets will be refunded at STUK Reception, or give us your bank account number by phone (016 320 320) or mail (ticket@stuk.be) and we transfer back your money. All apologies for the inconvenience.  

New York duo Phantogram's 'streetbeat-synthpop' is a mouth-watering mix of electronics, shoegaze and pop. Dream-like vocals combine with intriguing synths and catchy hip hop beats: the sound of the big city. After touring with respected bands such as Yeasayer and Beach House, they now close off this edition of Artefact with their first ever Belgian show. Rockvonk finalists Float Fall use silence as an instrument, creating a musical tension reminiscent of The XX and Amatorski.

Part of the Kulturama music program.