Time/Bank is a platform for cultural and arts communities where groups and individuals can pool and trade time and skills, bypassing money as a measure of value. Time/Bank is based on the premises that everyone in the field of culture has something to contribute, and that it is possible to develop and sustain an alternative economy by connecting existing needs with unacknowledged resources.

Time banking is not barter. Barter economies have been in practice throughout history, but the idea of using time as a unit of exchange only appeared shortly after the Industrial Revolution. The origins of time-based currency can be traced both to the American anarchist Josiah Warren (Cincinnati Time Store from 1827 until 1830), and to the British industrialist and philanthropist Robert Owen, who founded the utopian 'New Harmony' community.

Time/Bank is modeled on already existing time banks. Every transaction will allow individuals to request, offer, and pay for services in 'Hour Notes'. When a task is performed, the credit hours earned may be saved and used at a later date, given to another member of the bank, or contributed towards developing larger communal projects. Through Time/Bank, we hope to create an immaterial currency and a parallel micro-economy for the cultural community.

This initiative of Anton Vidokle and Julieta Aranda has branches in New York, Sydney, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Den Haag. This Time/Bank will also be presented in other Belgian cities. Check the Belgian Time/Bank site to become a member.

screenings in the exhibition:

Alexander Kluge | Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike.
Marx/ Eisenstein/ Das Kapital

Part I | 2008 - 570 min
Alexander Kluge | Nachrichten aus der ideologischen Antike.
Marx/ Eisenstein/ Das Kapital

Part II | 2008 - 570 min
VPRO Tegenlicht | Eerlijk zullen we alles delen
2011 - 49 min
Fritz Lang | Metropolis
1927 - 153 min
Anton Vidokle | New York Conversations
2010 - 66 min
Adam Curtis | All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
2011 – 3 x 60 min

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