The ritual of cooking and eating has always been a great initiator of socialization and the exchange of ideas. That applies especially to events like festivals: besides the artistic programme, they aim to create a temporary community of artists and visitors. To amplify and encourage that idea of social gathering, Benedetta Maxia and António Louro created a very open system. KITCHAIN is a construction consisting of a large number of foldable tables, benches and kitchenettes that can be assembled into different structures, depending on the space.

During Artefact, you can eat a Ready-Made menu (main course + dessert + 1 drink) or you can cook your own meal (with others) in one of the three kitchenettes (Do-It-Yourself). Some of the Artefact artists and guests will cook and eat with you on particular evenings (Cook & Meet). Key words are social contact, sustainability, creative design and, above all, loads of fun.

If you would like to buy a menu or a place in one of the kitchenettes:
click here for readymade-menu
click here for do it yourself (kitchenette)
click here for cook & meet (cooking with artists) 


WE 15 > TH 23 | 18.00-21.00
closed on monday 20 February
leftover dinner on the final festival night

Cook & Meet evenings
We 15 feb: Sarah Vanhee & Kristien Van den Brande
Th 16 feb: Femke Snelting (constant) & Kate Rich (irational)
Sa 18 feb: Davis Freeman
Tu 21 feb: Rudi Laermans & Antoon Vandevelde
Th 23 feb: Benedetta Maxia & Antonio Louro