Taking Time is a slide projection of many found documentary images from demonstrations spanning the early 20th century until 2006. The people in the images hold signs that express a certain message. However the message itself has been erased and reduced to blank, white colored signs. If the signs are but a white cube, Hansdóttir creates a space for us to activate.
Many of the images show protesters in what seems to be a demonstration, while others show people wearing signs seemingly for advertisement reasons.

The work focuses on the subject of ‘message’ and ‘protest’. Once the verbal message is gone, the signs have lost their significance and become white flags, referring to well known symbols of peace. The focus is shifted: instead of reading the signs, one tries to read other signals in each image in order to find out what time and country the documentation is from and what the missing message might be. It is not Hansdóttir´s intention to recreate a narrative in these images, but to open up these empty spaces for each individual viewer to project their thoughts and hopes.