People go to work, parents bring their children to the nursery, students go to their classes,… Everyone walks through streets, parks and squares. If you bring all those routes together, you get a drawing of the city map, a living portrait of how people experience the city. Local governments organise the mobility in a city. But it’s people themselves who determine which streets, passages and inner courts really come to life. Informal circuits can be formed based on invisible ‘agreements’ between the city’s users.

To achieve this, plan b asks for all people of Leuven to cooperate: whoever wants to, can walk around with a special gps. That way, the artists gather all sorts of routes. Next to that, they organize meetings of people who crossed paths, even though they don’t know they did.

Crossing Paths shows a digital animation of all those travels, combined with interviews of participants who look back at their routes and who they met during their walks.

Crossing Paths - Call for participants
Do you want to know what your daily routes look like and whose path you cross every day without realizing it? Then this is a project for you: borrow a gps from STUK, let it trace your walking, cycling and jogging routes, and help forming a unique city map.

Until 10 February, specially designed gps devices, made by local firm Septentrio, can be borrowed for the day from STUK. To make sure there is a gps available to records your journey, please call STUK's front desk 016 320 320 on the day you wish to borrow a gps. Please note: there is a €20 cash deposit, which will be refunded upon return of the gps device.