@ João Gonçalves

In the basement of Patrícia Portela’s grandparents a box was found with fragments of texts and models of objects devised by Acácio Nobre, a Portuguese reference from the early XX century, but now forgotten, a man with a political, scientific and artistic discreet but eloquent career, and very innovative for its time. He was a Portuguese Lumière, an early Steve Jobs, a toy inventor, a science-fiction writer, a bio-engineer without peer in history, and a lover/staunch supporter of artists and art. A Leonardo da Vinci that a dictatorship silenced and eliminated from the records of Portuguese History.

Patrícia Portela brings together the texts and models found in the forgotten chest, follows the clues to new and valuable documents lost in personal files and houses of friends. She rebuilds some of the works, political ideas and ambitious scientific and artistic projects of Acácio Nobre with the ultimate aim of reviving the work of one man.

A vintage typewriter and a wireless keyboard perform a concert, and a silent film, and develop a dialogue about Acácio Nobre’s archive, recreating the environment that surrounds an author as he thinks and writes.