LIGHTMAP DEVICES, 2015-2016 (Artefact co-production)

© Lightmap Devices - Princess Elisabeth Base, Antarctica. 2015

LIGHTMAP DEVICES, 2015-2016 (Artefact co-production)

Ief Spincemaille

On 1 January 2015, Spincemaille placed two groups of small network cameras on two opposite sides of the world: two cameras both in the North and South Pole (Princess Elisabeth station) and two cameras in Belgium and New Zealand.  Every six minutes the cameras took a picture of the sky. One year later, all the pictures were brought together and arranged into one composite image: 240 pictures for each day arranged in 365 lines. The resulting composite images reflect the light changes and various experiences of the sky in these different places around the world.

Lightmap Devices is a continuation of Lightmap Leuven, an installation in M museum which over the course of 2013 took pictures of the sky every six minutes, and printed this simultaneously on one of  87.600 small plastic blocks. Every six minutes, a block was added to the composite image, leaving a trace of what time essentially is: the movement of the Earth around the sun.


Ief Spincemaille (B)
°1976, Leuven

Ief Spincemaille is a Belgian visual artist, living and working in Leuven. His practice varies from photography and video to installations, using a diverse range of materials depending on the concept at hand. Since 2006, he’s also active as an independent set designer. Spincemaille graduated as a master in Philosophy from the KU Leuven, and studied jazz, modern music, and music and technology at the L'aula de Musica in Barcelona. Together with Kurt d'Haeseleer, he coordinates the organisation Werktank, a production platform for media art since 2010.

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