© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

A theatre is a space filled with possibilities. Some have already been worked through in the past. Others have yet to be tested, and many of these possibilities never get beyond an idea, a concept. How can we create a memory for these possibilities? Inspired by this question, deepblue makes a comparison between theatrical space and an archive.

The theatre is seen as an information network in which objects and technology play an active, almost human role. The space is an archive, in which facts are stored, ordered, provided on request and passed on.  The performers, like the objects, are carriers of data. The choreography of their movements is focused on storing, structuring and distribution.

The frontal presentation of the audience across from the performer and the hierarchy between performer, light, sound and objects is left behind. A performer is presented as an impersonal bearer of meaning, a keeper of an archive of movements and actions, while objects assume a personality and a voice.

On Tu 9, We 10, Th 11, Sa 13 and Su 14 February you are here is presented as an installation.