An 'auto performative-installation', where the audience performs and shapes the visual narrative, Elmgreen & Dragset present a configuration of payphones for functional use. Visitors are encouraged to connect with family and friends around the world for free. But in a layer of complexity that further subverts the conventions of public and private behavioral patterns, the calls are monitored (by other visitors) and recorded in a readily accessible adjacent room. Raising issues of voyeurism and surveillance, the work seems particularly relevant in the context of modern global communication and the loss of the right to privacy.

Providing a platform, on which the drama of social exchange will be improvised and performed by the audience, the installation explores an artwork's reach and potential for communication. By simple means the work extends beyond the physical limits of the gallery's architectural conditions, reaching through space and vast distance. The visitor will function as the mediator of the show in a direct way by describing it to the person on the other end of the phone line, thereby establishing a concrete link between the activity within the gallery and the outside.