photo: Hugo Glendinning

This Here and That There (Berlin) is a video showing still images of an 8-hour performance in Berlin. Staged in a pool of water, the images depict the artist continuously moving and rearranging 50 simple chairs, constructing a vast range of structures and arrangements. Some of these temporary arrangements are situational, evoking a range of social events and scenarios related to human interaction, implying that some form of dialogue, encounter, communication, presentation or confrontation might take place there. Other chair structures appear more abstract or formal.

This Here and That There represents a continuation of Horvat’s ongoing exploration of the human figure’s relation to everyday objects, landscapes and constructed environments. Using simple gestures and actions (building and un-building, dismantling and repairing, mirroring and rearranging) her work frequently focuses on redrawing borders and frames, and reorganizing or reconfiguring physical objects, bodies and spaces, as well as the spatial and social relations at play in it.