In her new artwork Untitled, artist, performer and author Sarah Vanhee lets people talk about a work of art in their house. How are those objects in people’s homes related to the work shown in big museums and during biennials? What does it mean when someone places art into their home? How are the visitors of an exhibition and the owner of that particular house connected?

Untitled (Leuven) relates to the discourses in contemporary art in the same way the houses around STUK relate to this contemporary arts centre. The work moves between an unusually intimate place and the shared public space, between general theories and personal stories. It scans the borders of the conceptual work of art in a dynamic area where man’s language and the language of art collide. It plays with the usual codes and formalities of art institutes, and eventually with authorship.

Untitled (Leuven) is part of the Artefact exhibition, but takes place in private homes around STUK. If you wish to visit this work, you can register at the STUK reception. The work is meant for individual visitors, therefore the number of visits is limited.