(*casting out the nines is a mathematical method to ensure that sums, differences, products, and quotients are correct.)

LETS is a ‘local exchange trading system’, allowing people to exchange services and goods without the use of money. For Casting out the nines, Italian Anna Rispoli develops a mini-LETS, in which she examines the flexibility of the system. The performance takes part on two evenings, with two different emphases. Spending the hour (Tuesday February 14) focuses on an illustrative approach of LETS, Paying it back (Wednesday February 15) rather looks at the what the system means for the artist. The audience can buy a ticket by paying or by offering some sort of service.

Anna Rispoli was born in the North of Italy but lives and works in Brussels. In her visual work and performances, the explores the conceptual and aesthetic options that are possible between the public space and the private territory. 

You can buy a ticket online (€8), but you can also choose to get a free ticket but we will ask you to do something in return. If you choose the latter option, you can send an mail to ticket@stuk.be and you'll get more information later.