© Heine Avdal

Field Works-office is part of a series of intimate and playful performances, which seeks to infiltrate different terrains and layers of society with artistic work. Codes and conventions in different types of spaces will be explored and discussed. Every location generates a certain kind of expectation and preconception of how we act in that specific space.

Heine Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki, sound artist Fabrice Moinet, comic book artist and performer Brynjar Åbel Bandlien, and performers Michiel Reynaert and Uiko Watanabe explore the mystery and poetry of the (social) environment, how we absorb space and are absorbed by it, and how the environment influences our behaviour. It is an intimate performance that will lead to a different experience for every spectator.

This performance uncovers poetry in computers, printers, paper or a coffee maker. By subtly changing and modifying sounds, drawings and movement, bodies and actions transcend their usual borders. In the offices of the Province of Flemish Brabant, you enter a lively world of real employees and actors: closets and drawers are opened, maps change places, papers fly all around, … In a choreography of office supplies and manpower, everyday situations take a turn towards the particular and absurd.