© Na'ama Landau

In physics, resilience is a measurable quality, referring to a body’s ability to return to its original shape.

About Resilience is a research project about physical resilience during demonstrations and manifestations. The Israeli-French choreographer Ehud Darash followed the wave of protest movements, marches and occupations in Israel, the protest marches during the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York.

Ehud Darash examines the resilience of a physical artistic body and of a protesting body (like a demonstration) or a protest occupation. He does so by physically confronting both bodies. The bystanders’ reactions and consequently the effect of the artistic operation on a political body (the protesting mass) were captured on film.

The filmed material and the physical experiences were the basis for the creation of movements. About Resilience consists of a lecture, a video installation and a dance performance. It is a presentation but at the same time a suggested search for alternative interaction.