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iii - Dieter Vandoren (BE)

Integration.05 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren that consists of a triangular arrangement of projectors that project light into a mist filled room. With the aid of Kinect cameras, a computer software programme scans the contours of Vandoren from which three-dimensional abstract holograms are generated. Using the virtual objects the artist can direct sound. The artist is the subject of an entirely new physical experience in which image and sound merge together.

Dieter Vandoren is a media artist, performer and developer. He works between the creative arts and scientific research and development. Stemming from his diverse background in music, computing and interactive architecture, he’s currently engaged with the development and performance of spatial, immersive audio-visual instruments, with a key focus on the embodied aspect of the performance.

STUK Soetezaal
Sat 21 Feb 201520:45


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