11, 14 & 15 feb

The set for this performance is an installation that is part of the Artefact expo.

Wed 11, Thu 12, Fri 13, Sat 14 & Sun 15 Feb 15 . 17:00

Choreography for the Running Male reveals how gender isn’t just bound to one’s body but is rather a collection of acquired responses. A group of men march through the city on a daily basis. They perform a choreographed sequence that refers to military operations.

Thu 19 Feb 15 . 20:00

Evening of the Voice offers a programme of performances and artworks in which the human voice is the starting point.

Fri 20 Feb 15 . 20:00

Jonathan Reus uses old iMac G3 computers in iMac Music. He creates a sonic and visual experience by touching the electronic innards of the computer both directly and with probes. The image from the desktop of the computer is projected onto a screen.

Sat 21 Feb 15 . 20:45

Integration.05 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren that consists of a triangular arrangement of projectors that project light into a mist filled room.

Sun 22 Feb 15 . 16:00

Ground is an audio-visual performance in which graphite drawings are used to direct sound. Graphite as a conductor of electricity. Through its varying resistance, the graphite modulates the pitch, amplitude and timbre of the sound generators that are stoked with charcoal.