The Finite State Fantasia, 2016

© Image installation simulation © Tobias Revell

The Finite State Fantasia, 2016

Tobias Revell

In The Finite State Fantasia, British artist and designer Tobias Revell creates an immersive installation visualizing the space mapping behaviour of an intelligent, but invisible, machine. In The Finite State Fantasia a mapping robot is installed in the gallery. The machine moves erratically, using its sensors to measure distance and bumping into obstacles to build a model of the space. However, the machine is actually invisible, a simulation. Instead of seeing the machine as a discrete object from the outside, visitors are presented with a representation of its senses; its flickering infrared trails and ultrasonic locators. Projected on the walls of the space is the machine’s own perception of its environment. The Finite State Fantasia draws out the dissonance between the ‘magic' of technology and the technical reality by showing us how the trick is done while simultaneously re-representing the seemingly supernatural machine sensorium.

This newly commissioned work is the second STUK-KU Leuven coproduction, with the support of STRP. It was developed in close collaboration with Tinne Tuytelaars of the KU Leuven Department of Electrical Engineering, ESAT - PSI, Processing Speech and Images. After the presentation in Artefact, the work will travel to Eindhoven to be part of STRP Festival 2017 (24/03 - 02/04), and Amsterdam to be presented in De Brakke Grond as part of the FIBER Festival 2017 (11/05 - 14/05).


Tobias Revell (UK)
°1986, Hampshire

Tobias Revell  is a British artist and designer whose work centers on critical engagement with contemporary technopolitics. In his artistic practice he works across film, mixed media and images while producing supporting theoretical work in the forms of lectures, essays and papers. His most recent works focus on the relations between mythology, magic and current technologies. He is Senior Lecturer in Critical and Digital Design at the London College of Communication and has visiting positions at several institution. He is undertaking a PhD in the Design Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is a founding member of research consultancy Strange Telemetry. Tobias Revell is based in London.


Concept and realisation Tobias Revell | Unity development Alan Zucconi | Sound Wesley Goatley | Installation Design Jesse Jansens & Richard Kerkhofs

21 FEB – 9 MAR 2017


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21 Feb: 19:30-23:00 (opening)
22 Feb – 9 Mar: 
We–Sa  14:00-22:00 
Su–Tu  14:00-19:00

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