© Jasmina Klancar

Corrections and Clarifications is a newspaper-in-progress, an edited compilation of daily corrections to international news printed in English-language newspapers. A chronological catalog of repetitive lapses in naming and tanglings of catch-phrases, Corrections and Clarifications hints at a more than incidental relation between news mis-speak and consolidated media interests.

Purely editorial credit, as always, to those who have provided the material for these pages by having seen fit to correct themselves, or having seen themselves fit to correct others; who have sought in some public way to offer apologies or clarifications-to redeem, reveal, revise, retract or shift, to simultaneously claim, deny, and re-attribute blame and responsibility-for the well-documented efforts to apologize for what is being done and for what has already been done, for continuing attempts to un-say what has been said, un-mean what is meant.

Credit at a variety of levels to those processors, middle managers, and ultimate regulators of public information who take it upon themselves to re-name, re-classify, disguise, de-fuse or be de-briefed; who find clever metaphors to obfuscate, euphemize and mystify; who disseminate information and distribute resources according to political structures to coincide with particular economic interests; who agree to use language and numerous, dubious forms of temporary authority to defend, justify, legitimize, cushion, cover and eventually expose the consequences of actions and the submerged structures behind events.

And ultimately who, regardless of intentions, occasionally reveal something, piece by piece, through slips in language and naming systems. Luckily it is not so easy to dispose of the evidence.
“ (Anita Di Bianco)