There is nothing to be seen in lastwishes. It deals solely with the principles of communication. Mailing lists are popular tools for the exchange of thoughts and opinions: they make multiple (written) dialogues possible as well as the archiving for future references. In this work the mailinglist-software “mailman” is modified to allow only one single posting from a sender. The user is able to subscribe and to receive messages endlessly but post only once and by this immediately get unsubscribed. The idea of “exchange” is thereby turned into something absurd: one can listen but only talk once. Sending a message thus requires meaningful content, “chatting” becomes impossible. But is communication possible when there is a quiet, listening mass and no one dares to stand up and speak? The brown box in the exhibition space is unremittingly rumbling on, at least every ten minutes and in between from time to time a meaningful message, maybe.

Carlos Katastrofsky explores alternative ways of distributing and owning net art, always within the institutional art world logic and always through a critical, yet playful approach. His projects are mostly conceptual, not defined by visual effects or sophisticated programming. There are no “beautiful” or “poetic” things to be seen on the screen, just the critical use of massified online tools that he masters in order to achieve his own agenda.