default to public is a project dealing with the discrepancy between people's feeling of privacy on the web and the physical world. It consists of a series of objects and interventions linking the physical world to the online world in unexpected ways to create awareness for self-exposure.

Tweetleak aggregates tweets from nearby and ‘materializes’ them. The collected fragments from people's lives on the web leave the digital public space on adhesive paper strips. Being taken away by other individuals, they are distributed in physical space, eventually being placed in another context in another environment. After a tweet has been printed out the author is notified. There is also a notification via twitter when the printed tweet has been taken away. The loss of control over one's data is illustrated: after a short period of time, the user won't be able to track his tweet. Tweetscreen is an installation that shows tweets, which have been written near its own physical location on a large projection screen. The twitter users, whose tweets have been chosen, receive a reply message, along with a photo taken by a webcam, saying that their tweet has been shown "in public”.


default to public: tweetleak from sport4minus on Vimeo

default to public: tweetscreen from sport4minus on Vimeo