© John Fago

opening night Artefact festival 2010

Ellen Fullman's work resides between the fields of sound art and music. Her primary activity has been the development of the Long String Instrument, in which her rosin-coated fingers brush across dozens of metallic strings, producing a chorus of minimal organ-like overtones which has been compared to the experience of standing inside an enormous grand piano. At STUK the strings will be more than 18 metres long. Fullman will be joined by the incredible Konrad Sprenger to perform with her.

Biba Kopf, in The Wire, wrote of the Long String Instrument: “Listening to it, you feel like you are inside some cyclopean subterranean grotto… its bejewelled walls glistening with an alien lustre (and) sounding like something that shimmers, iridescent shapes bend conventional pulse-based time and impose their own paradoxical temporality, where constant movement teems within a vast stasis.


Konrad Sprenger