In Untitled absence is made present by the light that shines through a pile of glass sheets. Arocha’s scientific training as a biologist is in a certain sense decisive for her investigative approach to sensual perception. Trompe l’oeil techniques and a systematic reconnaissance of the boundaries between what is visible and what is invisible, what is observable (and hence ‘true’) and what is not observable, form the pillars of the works.

The focus in the art of Arocha and Schraenen is less on objects as manifest things and more on the perception of things as objects. Ultimately, their installation sculptures are flat, composed of many small components but they can be perceived as monumental and emphatic. This overt presence of the formal and conceptual in Arocha-Schraenen’s work can be deceptive. Everywhere within works – whether bluntly opaque or deceptively transparent - we encounter the narrative.