Audiomakerij Selkie

Audiomakerij Selkie - ZIEL

Invisible. Immeasurable. Nonexistent? Audiobrewery Selkie is currently developing a long-term project, entitled Ziel, to chart the domain of the soul. As part of Artefact, Eva De Groote and Ruben Nachtergaele release Ziel’s first episode in which philosopher Johan Braeckman and journalist Anne Wislez share their insights.

Do people have souls? Do things have souls? How do you come to experience unity consciousness? Can you consciously seek it out? What is ecstasy viewed from a scientific perspective? In this series the listener joins philosophers, scientists, Zen practitioners, psychonauts, artists and shamanic healers, and along the way is also invited into special audio landscapes for small exercises of soul exploration.

Courtesy of the artists

°1974, Roeselare, Belgium
°1974, Oudenaarde, Belgium

Selkie is the audio-making venture or ‘Audiobrewery’ of sound artist Ruben Nachtergaele and writer Eva De Groote. They have three daughters together. However, their artistic paths crossed for the first time only five years ago when, during a community project, they discovered that they share an intuitive way of creating and that their collaboration results in unique audio stories. Selkie's audio work has since been noticed in local and international circles with nominations and awards. For example, "Heralds of Rain" received the award for FEARless audio at the Irish HearSay festival and "Nearby" was nominated in the "Story" category at the DS Podcast Festival.