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This night offers much more than a concert. Arco Renz' P.O.P.E.R.A takes you down to a dark space. Voices are coming from everywhere. Opera voices. Far away. Close. You feel them singing. You hear them just-not-touching. Or to put it in Renz' words "Listening with your ears and skin".

Studies for Thunder is a homage to the raw forces and the beauty of nature; an artificial thunderstorm, completely created out of granulated bursts of filtered noise.The piece not only generates this structure in realtime, but also outputs the result as an impressive multi-channel experience, where the audience is placed right in the eye of the storm. Eight speakers form a ring, the venue in complete darkness, the audience and the performer sitting in the center.

Monolake performs also at the Game is up! - Vooruit / Gent