The viewer enters a darkened room to discover life size stereoscopic figures that appear to inhabit our own three dimensional space. These phantoms reenact a series of ten sÈances held in Algeria and Paris from 1904 to 1912 with the French medium Eva C.

Zoe Beloff grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1980 she moved to New York to study at Columbia University where she received an MFA in Film. Her work has been exhibited in museums, cinemas and galleries internationally. For example her films have been screened at: MoMA, The New York Film Festival, Rotterdam Film festival, and Pacific Film Archives. She participated in the 1997 and 2002 Whitney Museum of American Art Biennials. Her interactive works are in the collections of the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art Helsinki and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Zoe works with a variety of cinematic imagery: film, stereoscopic projection performance, interactive media and installation. Her projects are philosophical toys, objects to think with. More and more she finds herself fascinated by phantoms, by images that, 'are not there'. She would like to think of herself as an heir to the 19th century mediums whose materialization séances conjured up unconscious desires, in the most theatrical fashion. Though lacking psychic abilities she confesses to relying on cinematic illusionism or one could say the cinematic 'medium'.