ARTEFACT presents Morton Feldman's 4 hour piece 'Fora Philip Guston' (composed in 1984 for piano/celesta, flute and percussion) in memoriam for the American painter. Morton Feldman (1926 - 1987) wrote music devoid of pathos. Tranquility, patience, transparency and concentration are important characteristics. Feldman worked from moment to moment, from one sound to another without conforming to a system.

About the long duration of his pieces, Feldman said: "My whole music generation was stuck to pieces of 20, 25 minutes. With pieces lasting an hour or less, you think about form, but after an hour and a half it becomes a question of scale. Form is easy, it's the dividing in parts. Scale is something different all together. You need to control the entire piece, it heightens the concentration."

Visitors in a hurry can exit the room quietly, but the patient listener will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.