Since 2001, Media artist Thomas Soetens and architect Kora Van den Bulcke are exploring and expanding the possibilities of gaming technology. In a series of three networked virtual worlds ‚ EXTENSION, DEVMAP and IMPLANT ‚ they translate the language and the logics of gaming culture to a space for artistic creation, reflection and social exchange. The virtual worlds are connected both conceptually and architecturally with real places in the SAT in Montreal, V2 in Rotterdam and the Vooruit in Ghent. They are connected through broadband internet and form a network where visitors can meet each other, leaving physical, geographical and cultural boundaries behind.

The visitor can log in on the network in this installation. The visitor is dropped ‚ as his / her virtual persona (or avatar) - in a 3D architectural world mirroring the physical surroundings. Exploring this environment blurs the boundaries between reality and virtual reality, between simulation and representation, between interior and exterior, between imagination and perception, between seeing and being.