One-and-a-half billion people saw exactly the same images of the World Cup final in Berlin's Olympic Stadium last year. Harun Farocki interprets this phenomenon ‚ the monopolisation of live pictures ‚ as the television industry's staging of the world. On twelve screens his video installation Deep Play presents original material from the television broadcasting companies alongside digitally processed images that simulate the mathematical analysis of the game. There is no commentary, only the unfiltered voices of sports journalists, police and TV stage-direction which expose the process of perfection to which the telecast is subjected.

As filmmaker and author, Harun Farocki is concerned with subject matters such as consumerism, war and the politics of images and often employs a special montage technique. Part of his strictly conceptual work are political agitation and 'educational' films, film essays and documentations, as well as video installations dating from the mid-1990s concerning questions on matters of politics and film theory in the field of art.