Because of the theme of the exhibition and the festival we organise a special program around the music of Giacinto Scelsi. Though he had little formal musical training, he is now recognized as one of the most creative composers of the 20th century. Scelsi's mature music is marked by a supreme concentration on single notes, combined with a masterly sense of form. Scelsi revolutionized the role of sound in western music – his best known work is the Quattro Pezzi per Orchestra, each on a single note. These single notes are elaborated through microtonal shadings, harmonic allusions, and variations in timbre and dynamics. It is impossible to express the immense power of this apparently simple music in words.

Oren Ambarchi (guitar), Stefaan Quix (laptop - piano), Keith Rowe (guitar) and George van Dam (violin) will be rehearsing in STUK for three days to collaborate on an improvisation concert, inspired by the musical ideas of Scelsi. On Artefact's opening night they will sit on stage together with the audience. Each visitor will have individual headphones and a mixer, they will be able to create their own mix from 4 channels/musicians: a balance between left and right, the volume and the high, low and midtones. The listener becomes the fifth musician, nobody will have the same experience.