… is a performance that tells a generic biography using first time experiences
… is a performance about Kodak moments, memory and the mechanisms of becoming a group
….is a live biographical film reconstuction
… is a performance based on the imagination of the audience and its function within theatre
… tells a life-time from 0 to 100 through first experiences - from 'my first breath' to 'my first death'

On the way it passes 'my first emigration', 'my first group photo', 'my first kiss', 'the first time I wanted to get over and done with so I could move on to the second', 'my first fuck', 'my first war', 'my first time that never happened', 'my first midlife crises', 'the first time I said: That’s it!', 'the first time I looked at my body as a beautiful marker of time', 'the first time I realised I could talk to the whales' and many, many more...