When John Cage was asked in 1989 with whom he would study, were he a young student, he responded "James Tenney". Composer, pianist, theorist, and conductor, James Tenney is well known as a pioneer in computer music, for work that he began as research composer at Bell Labs in the early 1960s. Tenney's interest in computers, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music cognition is not surprising considering he studied engineering at the University of Denver from 1952 to 1954. Champ d'Action brings a program on the composer who died last year. They will also perform a work by Scelsi, who has deeply inspired Tenney during his career.

program (ca. 60 min):

James Tenney - Having never written a note for percussion
James Tenney - A rose is a rose
James Tenney - Harmonium II
Giaocinto Scelsi - Okanagon
James Tenney - Critical Band
James Tenney - A rose is a rose