The Bug is the main project for Kevin Martin, a producer who over the years has also been behind a diverse range of projects. He is part of Techno Animal/ Ice / God, King Midas Sounds, Razor X, Pressure and Ladybug to name a few. Then there is the running of his Pathological Records label, collaborations with noise jazz outfit 16-17, Pete "Sonic Boom" Kemper's E.A.R. project, John Zorn, Kevin Shields, El-P, Antipop Consortium. He has recorded for labels as diverse as Virgin, Rephlex, Position Chrome/Mille Plateaux, Word Sound, Hyperdub, City Slang, Tigerbeat 6, Grand Royal and now Ninja Tune. He has been personally asked to remix Thom Yorke, Grace Jones, Einsturzende Neubeuten and Primal Scream, and has compiled jazz & dub compilations for Virgin Records. His new album London Zoo is the fruition of all these activities...

The Wire about London Zoo by The Bug ( n°1 Records of The Year)
The record crackles with mongrel electricity. It's an exultant, unrepentant musical web which deftly gathers together the threads of reggae's impact on British street subculture.

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