The Watercolors (Army Center for Military History, Washington, 2005)

Just like Defacing this series also looks at moments of important historical change. Among other images, we see paintings made by Adolf Hitler. At 18 years of age he submitted the watercolor on the top left as application for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He is not admitted. After the 2nd World War the U.S. Army obtains four watercolors, including 'Alt Wien', from the private collection of Heinrich Hoffmann. Hitler personally gave them to his court photographer Hoffmann. The U.S. army kept them hidden. They were only referred to as 'The Watercolors'.

A long lasting legal battle is waged over these watercolors since 1985. American collector Billy Price who purchased the rights to these works from the heirs Hoffmann demands 99 million dollars in damages. The U.S. Government on the other hand states that it is "(...) entitled to retain Hitler memorabilia which came into our nation's possession because we won the war." In 2002 the U.S. Government wins this legal battle and it is decided that the watercolors are never ever to leave the depot.