To create this work different individuals were asked to completely and anonymously erase with a rubber 1 page of a Vogue Hommes magazine from 1986, with Sylvester Stallone on the cover. They were asked to write in pencil on the page both the time it took them - ranging from 9 min to just beyond 3,5 hrs - and whatever monetary value, translated into an hourly rate/s, they currently received for their time. The dollar value accrued 'on' each page ranges from nothing in a number of instances (some were receiving no calculable money for their time) to one page 'worth' over USD 1,000. Such disparities are central to the work. Begun in 1999, this initial collaborative stage took 5 years to complete and involved in excess of 260 people, ranging in age from 8 to 80.

This project ostensibly deals with disparities of value and exchange; training a refusing, yet, perhaps, still enraptured eye, on aspects of contemporary image culture. It is informed by the exchanges we make in our lives, both with our time and our labour, and how that is valued. It is also concerned with the residue of those less tangible, less 'pictureable' things in our lives brushing up against a culture obsessed with the idea of visibility.