Box Engraving: TV-Tower (Berlin / Alexanderplatz), under the staircase

The phenomenon of individual world perception is the main theme of Pia Linz's work. View Projections and a kind of cartography are her two main strategies of world appropriation.

The Box Engravings belong to the group of View Projection works, which she has continually developed since the mid 1990´s. While for the two dimensional cartographic like drawings Pia Linz collects many different perspectives from a specific place by moving, she develops the three dimensional Box Engravings by always using a fixed standpoint and turning around on her own axis. First, she builds a plexiglas box construction according to her chosen architectonic or landscape location. Then at the chosen site, she sits inside her construction and captures with a felt marker in every direction around herself what she sees directly in detailed drawing on the transparent inner walls. After this, she renders the drawing permanent by engraving the lines into the plexiglas.

In contrast to the panoramas of the 19th century, in which the observer places himself inside the panorama, here the locked out observer views the miniature world of the Box Engraving, from the outside. In the pictorial reality of the Box Engraving, the distance, and thereby the rest of the world, is always contained within the object.