Scratched film loops on opaque black leader emulsion provide the basic and base material(ism) for a projective and introjective encounter for four 16mm film projectors, two projectionists, and one projection “noise” engineer. The footage is not what interests us per se but the effect it has in dispersing and/or scattering the projected light itself. If the rotating shutter-blade which is lodged in the projector is meant not only to produce the palpitating illusion of movement but also to obstruct our access to how this cinematographic trick is achieved, the critical tendency would then be to impair the basic apparatus, to take it apart piece by piece. But there is another way! To further obstruct the obstruction. To shadow the shadow into thinking that it is being overshadowed, overcome, overperformed. Outperform. Imagine the shutter-blade efficiently rotating in its assembly, obliterating not only the light but the film itself. For it expresses the outburst of its violence not knowing that its vicious cycles lacerate into the soft and fragile emulsion of time.

– Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder

As sound engineer, I follow two mono audio signals from two separate projectors. The marks and patterns being seen are as well being received into the software (ppooll) where subtle modulating filters are applied to the sound and then amplified into the space. The play between simply sending what is being received and subtle shifts through filters and/or synthesis follow in an improvisatory motion in parallel to the visual projections of light and smudge around the room. Through these systems the sound follows paths in oscillating flux, one that parallels directly the information being seen, one that contains suggested loops and one that is most important - is the degrading rhythms of the film makers marks. The hand of the sound engineer only occasionally guides the multiple layers of sound oscillating in and out of aural focus, these light holes determining the point of entry, the machines grace of precision, into some scope of mass exploration.

– Ben Owen