This concert is sold out. There will be no waiting list. People who booked tickets in advance can pick them up at STUK Reception from 13/2 19:00. No ticket = no access.


21:30 doors
21:45 - 22:45 Lumisokea
23:00 - 0:00 Actress

English producer Darren Cunningham is the enigmatic figure behind Actress, a name so underground even his friends doubt if he actually exists. A well-respected producer and talent scout, he signed artists like Lukid and Starkey on his own label Werkdiscs. Cunningham also featured on Damon Albarn’s album DRC Music project. Actress’ latest album R.I.P. is a dark, brooding piece of work about death and decay. R.I.P. walks along the borders of electronics, with patience, original insights and of course techno as the main ingredients. Let Actress take you on a trip to the far, dark corners of the techno universe… 

Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo. Combining dark electronics with impressive visuals, they create a mind-blowing audiovisual experience.

Listen to Actress' R.I.P. and Lumisokea's Selva on Spotify

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