The Subversive Gardener looks at the Guerrilla Gardening subculture. Members of this group secretly meet at night to elicit plant flowers, shrubs and vegetables in neglected urban spaces. Although their actions seem harmless, they are still viewed by the authorities as illegal and prosecutable.

This project explores the existing instruments involved in this practice. How can they be modified, camouflaged or completely redesigned? From digging to planting, this idea approaches design in a modular fashion. These new objects function as components that combine to facilitate the individual processes in gardening. The pieces also take inspiration from nature by featuring mechanisms that reference existing natural occurrences such as seed dispersal. In addition to bio-mimicry, this idea looks at various methods of disguising gardening paraphernalia in everyday attire and accessories, drawing on influences from militaria and spy gadgetry.

By exploring the duality of male and female apparel, familiar everyday objects and garments can also function as guerrilla gardening tools, interfacing modern technology with organic products. Secretly dropping seed bombs on their way to work or planting flowers on their way home, these designs allow the guerrilla gardener to integrate their assaults into their everyday routine.