Orban Space Terminology (2013)

Due to the growing lack of space, life on earth is becoming problematic. Therefore, says architect and visual artist Luc Deleu and his urban development team T.O.P. office, urban space should be used in a more polyvalent way. Since 1995, Deleu works on De Onaangepaste Stad, an urban design study. For instance, it includes enough movie theatres, but they can also be used as sports hall, mushroom farm or baboons.
Brikabrak (1998) is the first spatial model created for De Onaangepaste Stad, and thereby also the first district of Vipcity, the ultimate spatial model designed within the research for De Onaangepaste StadORBAN SPACE is a continuation of that design research, this time focusing on public space on a 'glocal' scale. 
Abandoning the conservative way of life in search for different possibilities is one of the main lines through Deleu’s and T.O.P. Office’s works. If serves as an incentive for their often changing designs and propositions for a different, ‘utopian’, ‘unadjusted’ city, for a different way of living (together).
Right after his studies in architecture and urbanism, Deleu chucks the utility principle used by many architects. Surely, an idea can exist purely in the mind without having to be carried out. With his concepts, Deleu enters a visual arts context. Since his exhibition Luc Deleu neemt afstand van de architectuur in het vacuum voor nieuwe dimensies (1970), he gives himself the freedom to present his critical sociological and ecological ideas in his own way.