Two letters and a bunch of songs, with that in the bag Belgian band SX flew to Atlanta to record their debut album with producer Ben H Allen III. A fascinating experience, especially when Usher’s sound engineer drops by every now and then – and likes what he hears. The result is called Arche, the Greek word for beginning – quite fitting for a first album. But the band members also think it speaks of endings: ‘Most of all, Arche describes the infinity that coincides with a horizon. A place where new possibilities arise and creativity emerges. It is a story of creation that is achieved again and again.

The horizon returns in the video for Gold, the single that tried to enthusiasm the audience for the SX sound. It worked, since Gold was Studio Brussels’ Hotshot and received a lot of airplay on Radio 1 as well. Stefanie Callebaut, Benjamin Desmet and Jeroen Termote are delighted that the audience got their ‘magnetic’ indie pop, and fellow musicians shared the enthusiasm: impressed by their album, American band Yeasayer asked SX to support them on their recent European tour. 

Concert in Het Depot, tickets through this link 


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