© New forms of life

What is the future? It is a practice of organising dimensions, paperclips or any other things at hand.
What is a map? It is a proposal to start thinking about new forms of life.
What is a collective? It is a mystical joy.
How does memory work? Through forgiveness.
How is it that we come to be in the same place together? By bypassing our fear.
Where are we going together? Not far from where the wind starts.
Where will the future take place? In the place where animals hide from people.

With a science fiction story, the performers of New Forms of Life try to give you an insight in a media-driven future. Using questions, testimonies and props from another world, they convince you of a possible future that recognizes the importance of everyone’s poetry and politics. Their aim is 'psychic solidarity', calling for a collective approach of the future world. The New Forms of Life collective tries to map and traverse political, ethical and aesthetic landscapes in a new world.