In 1985, together with Paul Virilio, Klaus vom Bruch, Jack Goldstein and Chris Dercon, Stefaan Decostere made Warum wir Männer die Technik so Lieben. The video shows how war, speed and technology organise and reorganise reality, until only filtered reality remains. This video is the analogue original of WARUM 2.0.

The changed attitude towards documentary images is the main theme of WARUM 2.0. A 360° panorama amidst transparent screens and multiple interactive access points turn the installation into an arena where visitors can interfere with and add value to the images.

A new conversation has been recorded with Paul Virilio. Both at the installation and online, new tools by Christian Decker, Edwin Uytenbroek, Chris Devriese, Jonas Hielscher and Sander Korebrits are available. The footage used is shot in Haiti, Iraq, Gaza, Darfur, Kosovo and Afghanistan by freelance cameraman Daniel Demoustier.