Artefact expo: The Prehistory of the Image

Artefact expo: The Prehistory of the Image

13 - 23 februari 2014

Artefact is an arts festival focusing on (visual) culture, current affairs and scientific challenges. This year's exhibition's central theme is The Prehistory of the Image, taking the Paleo Camera Obscura Theory (PCOT) by the American artist Matt Gatton as a guide to study the ori- gins of art. Within paleontology, the study of life in past geological records, there are several theories that attempt to explain how ‘early’ art was made. According to these scientists, cave drawings such as Lascaux in France served as gateways to other worlds, were used as part of rituals or gave narrative clues to people.


Global Rainbow (2014)

Yvette Mattern (US)
13 - 17 februari

The ongoing monumental laser light installation Global Rainbow beams seven rays of high specification laser light, representing the spectrum of the seven colors of the rainbow....

13 - 23 february

Geert Mul made an adaptation of his special installation Pleisto-Scene Artefact. In 2013 Mul plastered the Tschumi pavilion (Groningen) from top to bottom with printed,...

Grosse Fatigue (2013)

Camille Henrot (FR)
13 - 23 february

Grosse Fatigue is an ‘encyclopedic’ video about history, evolution and mythology. It is a mix of beats and anthropology which perfectly captures today's restless thirst for knowledge....

Origin Of Species (2008)

Ben Rivers (UK)
13 - 23 february

Origin of the Species is an experimental short movie about S., a Darwinian theorist...

13 - 23 february

In Common Space, microscopes and telescopes have been combined or ‘interfaced’ to...

The Photophon Principle (2013)

Aernoudt Jacobs (BE)
13 - 23 february

The Photophon Principle is based on the photoacoustic principle that was discovered...

IsLANds#1 (2014)

Salva Sanchis (CAT) & Pablo Castilla
13 - 23 february

Islands consists of a video projection shown permanently in the exhibition, and a...

13 - 23 february

Ilona Gaynor makes an adaptation of her graduation project Everything Ends in Chaos...

Nieuw Werk (2014)

Jelle Feringa (NL)
13 - 23 february

Jelle Feringa’s current research is focused on the development of original robotic fabrication...

13 - 23 february

Liquid Consonant presents a digitally animated head mouthing Greek words related to motion which all contain the letter rho. The physicality of its speech is accentuated through the sound...

Excavation (2013)

Guy Königstein (IL)
13 - 23 february

The Institute for Research and Documentation of the Erased History (IRDEH) is an artistic...

pHANTOMs Of NABuA (2009)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (TH)
13 - 23 february

Phantoms of Nabua is an enigmatic short movie portraying the Thai town of Nabua,...

The opera of prehistoric creatures

Marguerite Humeau (FR)
13 - 23 february

The opera of prehistoric creatures is an opera which stages the rebirth of...


Marie Kølbæk Iversen (DK)
13 - 23 february

RETROACTION is a video installation about chaos, technology and the ever-changing...

13 - 23 february

In the 19th century exploration was geographic, but in the 20th century the notion of the ‘...

13 - 23 february

The Graffiti series are a collection of photographs taken by the photographer...

Huesos/Piedras/Flores (2011)

María García-Ibañez (ES)
13 - 23 february

The work Huesos/Piedras/Flores contemplates about the concepts of ‘origins’, ‘...


Henri Michaux (BE), Eric Duvivier (FR)
13 - 23 february

Images Du Monde Visionnaire is the result of a collaboration between the film maker...

First there were machines (2013)

Leïla Arenou (FR) & Naïmé Perrette (FR)
13 - 23 february

First there were machines is a collection of glass objects that refer to industrial...

13 - 23 february

Collections Préhistoriques is a book that combines erotic pictures with images...

13 - 23 february

Gábor Ősz’ photo series Constructed View is the result of camera...

Elsewheres: On Gliese 667 Cc (2014)

Sascha Pohflepp (DE) & Chris Woebken (DE/US)
13 - 23 februari